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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Safeway Trip = 1 CENT!

Next time you see a penny on the ground, be sure to pick it up!

I made a quick Safeway run to grab more fruit snacks. I bought (4) boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks. They are on sale this week, buy 4 and save $4...$.99 each. I used (2) $.50/2 Betty Crocker fruit snacks IPQ and a $2 Catalina from a previous fruit snack purchase.

(4) Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks = $3.96 + $.05 tax = $4.01
- (2) $.50/2 IPQ 
- $2 Catalina
= $.01 and got back another $2 catalina!

I completely spaced getting a small filler item for the extra $.04. I was totally surprised that my catalina paid for some of my tax. Woo Hoo!

When I told my hubby I only paid $.01, he looked at my receipt and said, "Well, you only got 4 items." I gave him the evil eye and walked away.


Amy said...

WOW! $0.01 that is awesome even for 4 items! Great job!!

Angie said...

Love it!! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome, I have yet to get a deal that good. Lol at your hubby, he has some high expectations!!

Kara said...

Thanks everyone. That is definitely the lowest I've ever paid and it was an accident! I think my husband was just jealous because he didn't see any items on the receipt for him :o)


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