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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cellfire: New E-Coupons + Possible Money Makers!

Cellfire has just released a new set of e-coupons! It is pretty much everything from last week, so we can keep the MDA savings going at Safeway!

Here's an example of a way to really save:

Buy (2) Glad Storage Bags ($2.49) - $4.98
(I'm not sure how ling this price is good, definitely through today)
Use $2/2 EQ (from last week)
Use $2/2 EQ (from this week)
Use $2/2 (MDA Safeway Coupon Book)
= $1.02 overage!

Both e-coupons are not guaranteed to come off. Even if only one comes off you can get 2 boxes for $.98!

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