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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wonder Forge Game Review: Joker Fun House & Jake And The Never Land Pirates!

My boys love games! I'm always trying to get them engaged in things other than video games or television and trying to keep them active. Some video games or technology time is fine with me. Especially if they are learning while having fun.

And of course, being boys they love their Super Heroes! We were given a game called Joker Fun House from Wonder Forge that my boys had a blast with! It included all of their favorite characters like The Joker, Batman and Superman. Each player has a special super power that can help them get through the game. But, they need to watch out because the Joker will try and take them out with a ball that he can roll across the game board. If they get knocked over, they go back to start. I played the first game with them to make sure they understood the instruction. They picked up on everything pretty quickly and played quite a few more games on their own. It was nice because mom and dad got about an hour of peace and quiet!

The second game that we received was called Jake and the Never Land Pirates Never Land Challenge. This game really got them up and moving! It was so funny watching my boys tucking the "cannonball" under their chin and shimmying underneath the vines! Don't forget about the gold Doublooms! This particular game is definitely for preschoolers. It was a tight fit under the vines for my 5 year old and virtually impossible for my 8 year old. But, we made do and just raised them off of the ground a little bit.

Both of these games were unlike any other board games my boys have. I was really impressed with quality and the entertainment value. These games have been played with quite a few times since we received them. They are at the top of our game pile.

If you are interested in finding out more about all of the games that Wonder Forge offers or where to purchase them, you can check out the Wonder Forge website. You can also purchase these games over on Amazon!

*Disclosure: I was given 2 games for my boys to play with and review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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