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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cypher Kids Club Interactive Cards!

I'm always trying to find fun ways for my boys to learn. Whether it be through board games or apps that I can utilize on my iPad and iPhone. It's a hard balance with technology. I don't want them to rely completely on these devices for learning and entertainment, so I definitely have to set time limits. I had the chance to try out the new Cypher Kids Club Augmented Reality Cards and I knew my five year old would love them!

Cypher Kids Interactive Cards - Numbers

Each flashcard has the number on the front and then a QR code on the back. To read the QR code, you need to download the Cypher Kids app from iTunes and have an Apple device that has a camera. The great thing is that the app is FREE! We have quite a few different Apple devices that we could have used like an iPad or iPhone. But, to make the images larger, we decided on the iPad.

QR Code to Scan on Card

My son is in his second year of preschool but still has some difficulty recognizing numbers. He's doing great at counting so I was hoping that the number cards will help him with identification. We started out with number one. He wanted to randomly choose cards but I wanted him to "earn" each card! He did really well with the mubers one through ten. The cards go up to twenty and he started having a little more difficulty with the higher numbers. The images and sounds really kept his attention.

Cypher Kids Home Screen
The correct number must be chosen on the home screen to correspond with each card. If the card does not match what you have chosen, then the QR code will not scan. Each card has cute little characters and songs to help with learning the numbers.

The Number One!
The best way to scan the card and view the 3D image is to give some distance between the camera and the card. When you do this the effects are much clearer. You can even take the card and turn it sideways. This will show you different angles of the number and the graphics.

Fun Angles by Moving Card
 The #CypherKidsClub  learning cards are also available for Letters. You can purchase the Letters and Numbers cards online through the Apple Store. Shipping is FREE and you will receive them in just a few days. These cards would make great last minute Christmas presents for pre-schoolers. Even my eight year old was having a blast with them! You can also visit Cypher Kids on their Twitter and Facebook pages to learn more about the different learning cards available!

My 8 and 5 Year Old Both Having Fun!
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