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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Safeway: New Just For U Savings Program = FREE Eggs!

Everyone wants to save money on groceries! But, not everyone has time to print, clip and organize a huge stack of coupons. I'll admit, when I plan a shopping trip it can take awhile.

Safeway has made it easy for you to save money with little time or effort! The new program just for u has been in the planning stages for quite awhile. I was invited to the Phoenix corporate office of Safeway to learn all about this new savings program. Quite a few bloggers were in attendance and we had the chance to put the new program, just for u, in action. I was able to save 41% using the new program! Plus, you receive FREE eggs just for signing up!

You need to make sure you have a Safeway Club Card. All of your purchases are tracked and will determine what coupons and personalized deals you will receive. It is important to note that Safeway does not share any of your purchase history or personal information with anyone! I love the fact that they take our privacy very seriously.

Step 1: Go to and register your card or download the mobile app for iPhone and Android. (search Safeway just 4 u)

Step 2: Click on the just for u tab and begin to explore your savings options.

Step 3: Load coupons and personalized deals straight to your card.

Step 4: Click on savings list and create a shopping list. The list can be printed or viewed on your smartphone, while shopping!

Step 5: Check back every week for new savings!

Let's talk about the different ways to save with just 4 u. First, the Coupon Center is where you can "clip" coupons and add to your card. If you don't like printing coupons, this is a great feature. You can find manufacture coupons and coupons for Safeway's private label items. You cannot use a digital manufacture coupon with a paper manufacture coupon. But, if you do on accident, the register will beep and give you the best deal! How cool is that? If you have a Cheez-It digital coupon for $.50 off and a paper coupon that will double to $1 off, the register will make sure that you get the better savings!

Now, the Personalized Deals tab is based on your past purchases. If you don't have children, you are not going to receive diaper or baby food deals. In this section you will not receive dollar off offers. They will be deals with personalized prices. For example, the shelf price for Prego Pasta Sauce may be $2.19 in your store. But, you have a personalized price of $1.95. Now, if you have a paper or digital coupon for Prego, you can stack the savings!

Another great feature is Your Club Specials. This tab will show you things you buy that are currently on sale! If you purchase Klondike bars on a regular basis, this tab will show you if they are on sale at your store and how much they are. So, be sure to use your own card when you shop at Safeway and don't let other use your card. You don't want to start receiving deals that don't pertain to you!

Lastly, the Savings List. As you go through and add coupons and personalized deals to your card, you can also add them to your list. This list can be printed off or you can access the list from your smart phone. I love this feature. I tried it out on my iPhone and I could actually check items off of my list, as I placed them in my cart.

I would love to hear any feedback you may have about this new program and if you have any questions! I may not know all of the answers but I can definitely find out for you!

Disclosure: I was invited to learn about the new savings program and received gift cards and groceries for participating. All opinions and experiences are 100% mine.

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