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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Safeway: Possibly FREE Popsicles!

Safeway has Posicle Novelties on sale for $1.99. You can load a $2/1 Posicle eCoupon to your Safeway card HERE to get them FREE!

I am going to try this later today, just to make sure that it will work. The register might not like the fact that the coupon value is higher than the product.


Anna Dodge said...

I tried and it didnt do it at the register so instead of holding everyone up I paid and went to customer service where she adjusted and gave me 2.00 cash! I also had 2 BBQ sauces and 3 Salad dressings that I got for 33 cents total!

Kara said...

Anna - That is awesome! I was out of town and found a Safeway and they were out of the Popsicles. Can you believe that? They didn't even get any of the $5 ribs so I grabbed a rain check for those.


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