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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Walmart No Longer Taking Printable Coupons?

First of all, I don't normally shop at Walmart. Today was an exception because it is so close to my house and I only needed a few items. I had 2 internet printable coupons to use and I was shut down! I was told that Walmart is only going to accept coupons from the Sunday paper. When I asked if this was at all Walmart's, I was told that right now they are leaving up to the store managers but it will be a company policy by the beginning of 2011. I'm not sure how true this is but just be prepared that you might not be able to use your printable coupons, at Walmart.

Has anyone else had problems using printable coupons at Walmart?


Angela said...

I guess I'll be going to Walgreens for toiletries and diapers! Walmart will be losing all of my business: Fry's for groceries, Walgreens for personal items and Kmart for toy layaway and Kohl's for clothing (w/ a 30% coupon LOL) - oh and craigslist for everything in between!

Nicki said...

I was just there the other night with a printable coupon and the cashier looked at it suspiciously, but then scanned it and it worked. She told me that they are cracking down on coupons. They will only take printable coupons with barcodes, and the barcodes have to work. There must be a lot of coupon fraud going around.

Kara said...

Angela - I told my cashier that now I have an even better reason to shop at Fry's. She said she doesn't even shop at Walmart. She goes to Fry's and Ranch Market.

Nicki - I tried to show her the time and date stamp on the coupon and she wouldn't even look at it!

Tonya said...

About 2 months ago there was a promotion on DiGiorno's Facebook page where you could get a coupon for a FREE DiGiorno's mini pizza so I signed up & got a coupon from them in the mailbox. When I tried to use it at Walmart the cashier said she couldn't take it because it was an internet printable coupon. I said it is NOT a printed coupon, there was a security code on the back & everything. I insisted that I got it in the mail so she called a manager. (This was around 9:30pm & I had both my kids with me) When the manager came over she said that they couldn't take it because it was printed. I again explained that it was NOT printed & that she could see the security coding on the back of the coupon. I asked for her to get "her" manager over & a different manager came over with the same story. They would not take the coupon that was sent to me by DiGiorno. It was ridiculous & since then I have not gone back to that location & have really gone to Walmart less often (plus I used to always have to stand in a long line to check out, even at the self checkout lanes).


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