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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Opensky: Item of the Day!

Today's Opensky item of the day...Bottom's Up Baby Wipes! If you are trying to go green, reusable baby wipes are for you. Think of all of the money you can save if you never have to buy another package of disposable wipe.

Bottom's Up Baby Wipes Details:

- Made of super soft cotton.

- Includes clean and dirty wipes container, clean and dirty water proof travel bag.

- Contains clean oil (lavender – chamomile) & dirty oil (Tea tree – Lemon).

- Cleans with natural essential oil.

- Wipes are washable.

GO HERE when you're ready to order!

1 comment:

Kelly Tirman said...

Love these! I have been using them for my baby for almost a year. Great product. Eco- friendly and saves money as well.


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