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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fry's: Money Maker on Quaker Instant Oatmeal!

When I was at Fry's, yesterday, I found $2 peelies on Quaker Hearty Medleys and Mix Up Creations Instant Oatmeal. Fry's has these on sale for $1.77! That's a $.23 money maker!

 My store had quite a few on the shelves with peelies removed. Why would someone remove the peelies and not get the oatmeal? Were they waiting for an even better sale?


patricia said...

"Like" Quaker on Facebook, then click on the "Amazing Mornings" tab to see the Coupon link for your $1 off any one Quaker instant oatmeal coupon. it will make for a even better deal!

Anonymous said...

Why print a $1 off coupon when the peelie is for $2 off?

Kara said...

Patricia - you can't use the coupons together but if you can't find the $2 peelies, the $1 off coupon is still an awesome deal!

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to get some oatmeal for my daughter(she can only eat soft food because of her disability), but someone took all the peelies, ALL OF THEM!
I couldn't believe it...
I will go to other stores and see if they have any, thanks for this post!



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