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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Creative Business Cards Using!

I am what some people may call a business card junkie! I love getting new business cards for the blog and revamping the design. The only problem is that I am not very creative. Most of the time I just drop my logo into a blank template and call it good. That is until I found the beautiful designs at

After viewing all of the options, I was able to narrow it down to my top two. The color schemes and patterns for the back of the cards are the main reasons I was drawn to these. Ultimately, I decided on the top one. The grey and yellow really compliment each other nicely.

The ordering process was quick and easy. I just entered my name and blog information and then checked out. I really appreciate how easy they make it, especially when my boys are running around the house like maniacs and I only have a few minutes to treat myself to new cards.

I made my boys sit down for some quiet time and decided to snoop around the site a little bit more. Now, I planned my wedding 14 years ago. But, I decided to look at the wedding inspiration boards.

And of course, keeping with my yellow and grey cute is this wedding inspiration board called Sundance Wildflowers? If you are planning a wedding, this is such a great resource! So many ideas in one place.

I just have to share one more wedding inspiration board, Ombre Stripes! A wedding next to the ocean is the dream of so many couples! Even if it you can't make it happen, you can still make it feel like your wedding is on the beach with all of the great ideas on this board!

*Disclosure: I was given free business cards in exchange for my honest opinion and review of

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