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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fry's: Coupon Policy Change!

I got an email from Fry's today regarding a change in their coupon policy. Here is what they had to say:

As of September 14, we will discontinue our “All Manufacturers Worth Up to $1” promotion in our Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, Yuma and Greater Tucson area stores.

The resources previously used for doubling coupons will now be invested in other pricing promotions so we can provide the savings you and your readers count on.

Here are a few highlights:
  • The cost savings from not making coupons up to $1 will be used to lower prices in our stores. We will also be investing in a promotion that gives double fuel points on participating items
  • Savings from digital coupons will be the same or even greater than paper coupons, which is also made possible by these cost savings
  • Fry’s will continue to accept manufacturer coupons at face value as well as Catalina, Print-at-Home, and electronic coupons to help maximize your savings
  • At this time, this pilot program will only be held in our Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, Yuma and Greater Tucson area stores
Coupon Policy for Tucson, Sierra Vista, Casa Grande and Yuma Stores

Coupon Policy for All Stores Except: Tucson, Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, and Yuma Stores

I know some shoppers are upset with the changes. Hopefully this change will really result in much lower prices.

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