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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dash 4 Cash Mega Event {8/15}!

My blog is participating in an exciting event tonight from 9pm-10pm EST. It is called Dash 4 Cash! In order to enter you will be liking Facebook pages and subscribing to RSS/email feeds!

Over 60 bloggers will be giving away prizes valued at $5 and the grand prize is a $50 Fandango Card and $50 gift card to the restaurant of your choice!

Rules: To enter, you like Facebook pages and subscribe to RSS feeds and email newsletters. Do as many as you can in 60 minutes. Each “like” or subscription + each time you fill out the form it counts as an entry. You can win multiple times so be sure to subscribe to as many pages and fill out as many forms as you can in 60 minutes to get the most possible entries. Winners will be announced on Wednesday after 9 pm EST.

Here’s the “Dash” part: You can get more entries!! Just visit another of the participating pages and fill out the forms on that page too. Of course, you will have already subscribed to all of the pages (because you will have just subscribed to them on my page), so all you have to do is click the “subscribe” button, it will populate that you already subscribe to that page, so then you fill out the accompanying form and BINGO! You’ve just earned another entry! You can do this on ALL of the participating pages, if you’re fast enough to do it within the 60 minutes!!! (There have been reports that Rafflecopter, the app that we’re using to do Dash 4 Cash, may have stopped this. But, if you clear out your cache, you might be able to do it more than once! It’s certainly worth a try!!!!)

Go to my Facebook page and like me. Then, click on the Dash 4 Cash tab to the left of my page. You can start liking pages now, to get a head start!

Remember, start “liking” pages and subscribing NOW and be ready to start entering at 9 pm EST Monday, August 15!!!

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