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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blockbuster Express FREE Rental Codes!

I am a huge fan of Redbox. I've never tried Blockbuster Express, but it works the same way as Redbox. The Blockbuster Express kiosks are starting to  pop up at quite a few more places. I've seen them at Safeway and Bashas'. Click HERE to find a kiosk, near you.

Here is a list of Free rental codes. Each code can only be used once per credit/debit card. I have not personally tried these codes, so write down more than one in case one of them is a dud.

Free Rental Code: G418A - not sure of expiration yet

Free Rental Code: GT17A (expires 7/30/2010)

Free Rental Code: G417A (expires 7/30/2010)

Free Rental Code: GT18A (expires 8/30/2010)

Let me know if one of these doesn't work or is expired!

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