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Friday, June 4, 2010

Cellfire Cinderella Coupon!!!

Don't forget to register and load ecoupons to your Fry's or Safeway Card HERE. At 3 p.m. Pacific time, be sure to log into your Cellfire account for a Cinderella coupon worth $$ off your next purchase at Fry's (Kroger stores). You will need to click HERE at 3 p.m. and these coupons will go quickly!

I'd love to hear what everyone gets!


Anonymous said...

Did you see anything? I was on at 3:03pm and did not find any such thing!

Kara said...

I've been trying for 20 minutes and nothing! Maybe the system just got bombarded. I'm going to shoot them an email. I really wanted my coupon!

Kara said...

Apparently they weren't expecting such a big response. They are working on the glitch. I will keep checking the site to see if it is fixed and let everyone know.


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